Well, fuck us sideways, science proves swearing is good for your health

News 03/02/2018

A number of recent studies have found swearing is good for the mind, body and soul. 

Are we surprised? Fuck no. 

Essentially, research has proven people who drop the occasional fuck bucket, shithead, knobjock, pissflap, c*ntface or cockburger (or any other curse of your choice) are overall more happy, intelligent and honest than the uptight dickbags who refrain from joining the deeply satisying lands of swears.  

Yeah, hear that Mum? You were way off with all that washing our mouths out with soap business. Should have been giving us gold stars and telling us what wonderful wee fucknuggets we truly were, *cough* are. 

One study found habitual swearers are linked with higer IQs. 

Another proved that using curse words were an effective persuasion technique in arguments. Fucking called it.

Letting a swear word slip can release endorphins, like exercise, it'll improve your overall mood. 

Further research found a good f-bomb can be as effective as a shot of morphine in terms of Releiving pain. Find that a stretch... but fuck, we'll take it... and the harder shit too. 

And our personal fave; people who comfortably swear generally have higher levels of integrity and are less inclined to lie. 

So, the next time someone tell you to watch your language, you can pull out this article, tell 'em you're living your best life and they don't know what they're missing out on. 

You're fucking welcome.