Well we're fucked, new study discovers Vaping causes cancer

News 31/01/2018

A new study has issued a hefty warning after discovering that vaping causes mutations in DNA which can lead to cancer. 

Professors at New York University began exposing a human and mice bladder and lung cells to e-cig smoke and monitoring the damage it caused.

Let's face it, we all know any sort of smoking isn't going to be good for you, but finding that the cells mutated when hit by the smoke is a bit of a downer... Fuck man.

The new research by Moon-shong Tang is set to be published today which will go against the previous suggestions that vaping was healthier for you than normal smoking.

The research found that vaping does include fewer cancer causing chemicals than normal smoking but vapers could be at greater risk of lung and bladder cancers and heart diseases. 

For what it's worth, e-cigs are still safer than smoking darts, but not safer than not smoking at all.

Maybe weed is more your thing? Today, Green Party's medical marijuana bill is voted on in Parliament. This vote will determine whether or not weed will finally be legalised in NZ.

Green Party's medical marijuana bill makes 'interesting' developments

Chloe Swarbrick, Green Party MP, spoke to 'The AM Show' this morn ahead of the official vote being locked in: