Kiwi biker pulls a wheelie down world's steepest street

video 15/03/2017

Video of a top New Zealand mountain biker pulling death-defying 'wheelies' down the world's steepest street on his mountain bike has now been watched by millions. 

The footage shows Wyn Masters, 29, from WynTV doing various wheelies down the famous Baldwin St in Dunedin while onlookers cheer him on.

Mr Masters said he did the stunt as part of his Wheelie Wednesday video series.

"I was in Dunedin for a competition and thought it could be a bit of a laugh," he says.

He estimates he reached speeds of up to 80km/h and has since had emails flooding in asking how to do the wheelies.

"It's all just balance and practice," he says.

It was shared by the People Are Awesome Facebook Page which boasts more than 11 million followers and has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Masters has also released a video showing his wheelie highlights from around the world including taking on a peloton of cyclists, on one wheel, during a World Cup triathlon race.

Baldwin St, recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's steepest street, is also used as the location for a number of events including the annual Cadbury Jaffa Race.

The tourist attraction turned deadly in 2001 when a woman died after sliding down the street using a wheelie bin and hitting a parked trailer.

Masters has just returned from Australia where he competed in the Oceania champs and placed third. He is currently based in Rotorua training for Cranxworks biking competition before heading back to Europe for more races.