Your boy Barack is heading to NZ this year

News 04/02/2018

Former US President Barack Obama is due to visit New Zealand in March.

The Herald on Sunday reports Air New Zealand will bring Mr Obama over here, possibly as part of a promotion for a new route to the US.

The visit is due to take place on March 21, but the contract has not been signed yet.

A visit to these shores by Mr Obama has long been the subject of speculation. The former President struck up a friendship with our former PM John Key and the pair share a love of golf. They both have holiday homes in Hawaii and in 2014 played golf together there.

Mr Key is on the Air New Zeaalnd and may have played a role in getting Mr Obama to visit, the Herald on Sunday reports. 

The two former leaders struck up a warm friendship while in office with Mr Obama giving Mr Key a warm send-off when he stepped aside as Prime Minister in 2016, thanking him for their eight years of friendship. 

Mr Obama was captured in a video at the 2015 APEC summit in Manila praising Mr Key to Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull. 

"He's a wonderful guy," Mr Obama said. 

"He and I have become good friends, and not just because we play golf together."

The visit won’t be cheap for Air New Zealand, with Obama reported to charge up to $400,000 for speaking events alone.

Source: Newshub.