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Your iPhone could be secretly cataloguing your dirty pics

News 03/11/2017

A new revelation has got people on Twitter talking about how your trusty ole iPhone could be filtering photos into secret categories.

Smart image recognition technology, brought into iOS 11 on Apple devices last year, uses an algorithm to automatically sort images using 4432 different category keywords.

The keyword that is taking twitter by storm is 'brassiere'; when using the search function in the 'Photos' app, typing in 'brassiere' brings up any photos with cleavage or boobs in them. 

Interestingly, while women's underwear like 'brassiere' is listed as a category there's no mention of men's underwear or anything similar as a category.

So, ladies, you might want to do a quick search on the term 'brassiere' on your phone to see what comes up.