Snapchat users create petition to dump the new update

Tech 12/02/2018

A shocking 83% of Snapchat users agree that the new Snapchat update is shit.

Snapchat released the app's new update last month, which included a complete new layout, which a lot of users are saying makes the app both hard to use and hard to understand.

Snapchat Support have been bombarded with complaints on how much everyone haaaaaaates it.

A majority of the feedback has been super negative, but the public have decided to fight back!

Disgruntled Snapchat user Nic Rumsey has started a petition on as a bid to return Snapchat to it's former glory. It required 300,000 signatures and the current status quo is nearly sitting at it's new 500,000 signature goal.

There's no word on what will actually happen once the petition is over and whether Snapchat actually give a fuck, but it's a nice call to arms anyway.

If you're pissed of as well, you can sign the petition here.