Lorde tells Diplo to fix his "tiny penis"

Pics 14/11/2014

That's right, Lorde got her sass on.

Yesterday, on Twitter, Diplo suggested to the world that someone should make a Kickstarter campaign to "get Taylor Swift a booty". Being Diplo, someone made it for him pretty much instantly.

The campaign only asks for a target of $3,500, a grand less than the average price of a butt augmentation. One can assume the creator of the Fundly campaign, Eric Sprivak, was planning on Taylor Swift kicking the difference.

Now, you don't make fun of pop princess Swifty without hearing something from her BFF*, and feminist, Lorde. Quite rightly she put down his man-hood. Good job.


*If you're not on top of celebrity gossip, here's the breakdown...

Lorde is best friends with Taylor Swift, who is the enemy of Katy Perry (Hence Swift's anthem "Bad Blood"), who is the girlfriend of Diplo.