Study says Instagram users more likely to spend money on music and live events

Pics 15/03/2016
For the first time since its groundbreaking launch last year, Instagram Music has collaborated with Nielsen to fund a study pertaining to the habits and lifestyles of US music fans on Instagram. The Nielsen Instagram Music Study worked with a pool of over 3,000 Instagram account holders to find out just how much the social media platform contributes to the modern-day music space, and how Instagram users have helped accelerate the careers of today’s most treasured artists.
Nielsen found that Instagram users are 42% more likely to spend money on music, with a total spend per year that is twice as much as those who do not use the photo-sharing app. This includes streaming, where Instagram users are twice as likely to pay for services including YouTube, Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music. Further, users listen to music about 30% more more on a weekly basis compared to others. When they do listen to music, chances are generous that they are listening to either pop, rap/hip-hop, or R&B. 
Most notably, Instagram music enthusiasts are more likely to attend live music events, particularly those that feature a live DJ. During said events, fans are also more prone to using their smartphones to make purchases in real time, visiting an artist’s website, or even calling their friends.