Yeah so marijuana-infused Nutella is now a thing

Pics 22/03/2016
As if Nutella wasn’t enough of a drug already, something even more potent now exists, marijuana-infused Nutella.
It’s called Chrontella, and stoners are losing their shit. Infusing the Chrontella into baked goods, spreading it on their morning toast (not that we condone taking drugs before your work day or anything...). People are even mixing it up with a bit of ice cream for dessert. #PerfectCombination
According to Vice it's only available in Canada and is roughly $23 Canadian a jar (That's approximately $25.99 if it made it's way to New Zealand in the future)
They also make weed infused peanut butter and jam, if you are looking to really step up your game in the way of sandwiches. 
Time for that vacation to Canada it would seem.