Self pill & drug testing will be coming to a music festival near you

Pics 03/05/2016
Senior police and politicians are supporting a nationwide pill testing trial at Australian music festivals this summer, except for in NSW which has a long standing history when it comes to going their own way in terms of policing music festivals and clubs, as the government has already implemented controversial “lock-out laws” that limit the entry into clubs and sale of alcohol after a certain time of night.
It is very real that this could make it to New Zealand festivals which we think is a great safety precaution. If you knew what was in your drugs, and it turned out it wasn't what you thought you were going to take, would you still take it?  
While a NSW government official have reiterated the state’s position that they do not support pill testing, Dr. Calidcott has said that face-to-face meetings with officials from other states has already occurred.  The plan is to continue with implementing their pill testing plan and they are “…now working out how we can have a system in place for the forthcoming festival season.”