This Swedish student defends decision to poses topless in her yearbook photo

Pics 07/05/2016
"I just thought: Why shouldn’t I be able to do that if guys can take their tops off. It was kind of spontaneous but I do really care about these questions."
Swedish student Hanna Bolander has defended her decision to pose topless for her school photo.
She said that when her class suggested one of the girls pose topless in a photo for the school yearbook, she volunteered – arguing that, as a feminist, she should be able to reveal as much flesh as the opposite sex, The Independant reports.
She said in her blog:
"In my opinion, women should have the right to show their breasts as publicly as boys. I think that everyone should have the right to decide for themselves.

Blaming biology is a poor argument because there is no biological difference! Women are not objects, women are people.

And by playing down the female body so that it is seen as just as natural as a man, so we have come a step closer to equality."

She also noted that her equally topless male friend (standing to her left in the photo) wasn’t given the same talk.