Microsoft is allegedly getting into the marijuana business

Pics 20/06/2016
Even with many states legalizing weed in the US, big corporations have tended to stay clear of the industry, until now.
In a surprising move, Microsoft is looking to get into the legal marijuana business.
Arguably one of the biggest technology giants in the world is looking to partner with a company that makes software for the weed industry. The business is KIND Financial which helps officials and local and state levels track marijuana sales.
Essentially, Microsoft’s ‘Azure Government’ service will help to make sure that all legal sales of cannabis are above board and totally legit – which can be only good news for the industry.
Allan St.Pierre, Executive director of NORML, a nonprofit organisation advocating for marijuana law reform said to Huffington Post:
"We’re psyched to see a major company like Microsoft jump into this space. It’s only going to encourage other companies to do it.At this point, it would be imprudent not to figure out how or where your company would profit from the emergent cannabis space." 
Surely with this move, it's a big step to seeing marijuana legalized entirely?