'Wine for Cats' can help you fulfill your crazy cat lady dreams

Pics 22/06/2016
It's been a hard day, all you want to do is put your feet up and pour a nice glass of wine. But the only person around to drink with is your cat, and it's not like your cat can drink wine?
Weeeellllll now they kind of can with 'Catnip wine'. It’s made by Colorado-based Apollo Peak and it comes in two varieties – MosCATo and Pinot Meow, both of which are available in 8 “Meownce” bottles. 
As it says on the Apollo Peak website: “Why Drink Alone?! We have labored intensively to develop a non-alcoholic, catnip-based wine just for your furry feline friends…it’s a satisfying blend for cats of all ages.”