Beware, fake Flume tickets being sold to Auckland show.

Pics 13/07/2016
A former employee of George FM tried to buy Flume tickets to his Auckland show but when she went to buy them, she realised they were fake.
Having knowledge of what a Ticketmaster ticket should look like she grabbed the fake to compare it to a real ticket, so now we can help you to not get scammed by these very real looking fakes.
"Luckily I knew it was fake cause at George I saw so many tickets. But there are so many other people that have been scammed by this person who weren't as lucky and lost hundreds of dollars and also It ruins the experience for true fans Ticketmaster told me they have been after this person for a while and if you give your money to this person and they give you fake tickets call the police as it is actually a crime" she said.
Don't get scammed. Check that the Ticketmaster logo is shiny and embossed, that the terms and conditions are maroon not a washed out red, and the fake tickets are very flimsy and have washed out ink compared to the real tickets.