Smash Mouth have released an EDM song and its worse than that sounds

Pics 27/07/2016
Smash Mouth have released an EDM single, and it sounds exactly how you think it would… really f**king shit.
It sounds like your dad trying to make EDM, and that's being nice.
But not a cool dad, the dad that tries way to hard to be cool when all your high school mates are round to chill.
The track sounds like it's ten years to late to the party. They've teamed up with producer Specter, which features a melody that sounds like it was made by a 16 year old learning how to use garage band for the first time, and Steve Harwell’s Smash Mouth vocals singing some woeful lyrics.
It's actually beyond comprehension why four 50-year-old dudes are trying to break into electronic music with a sex/love related EDM single. 
Does anyone else feel like that they are gonna get hit with  “SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME…” at any point while listening to this?
 / 10