These Daft Punk action figures make us want to be kids again

Pics 28/07/2016
Few acts have managed to achieve what Daft Punk have over their career.
The anonymity of the masked robot duo along with some of the best genre bending electronic music production in the world has made them a worldwide phenomenon. All while being able to do whatever they want on their own terms.
It's this clever combination that also lends itself well to their merchandise. Their store in the past has held everything from Daft Punk skateboards, to belt buckles, and even turntable slip mats, all selling out due to high demand.
Enter the release of 'Discovery-era' Daft Punk action figures from Japanese manufacturer Medicom.
These figures are not just your typical 'Action Man'. Working Zipper Jackets, highly detailed body work, and most important of all, light up helmets!
They are set to be released next year in May and the rumoured price is $250USD for the pair.
I don't care how awesome these are, i'm not sure if two weeks rent for some action figures could be justified... or maybe...