Apply to work with Flying Lotus on his feature film 'Kuso'

Pics 16/08/2016
The debut short film 'Royal' from Flying Lotus under the alias "steve," premiered last Sunday at Sundance NEXT Festival.
Today on Twitter, the electronic producer wrote a series of tweets revealing more info about his film work. He announced that Royal is "just one piece" of a larger feature film called Kuso. He described the concept of the film as "pretty much everything I'm afraid of."
The film, which FlyLo has "been steady filming low key this year," is "65% done."  
The producer put out the call for applications:
"Please reply to @BRAINFEEDER with links to work and reels. We need all types of help esp. n post [production]."
He also announced that the "plan" is to release a new album along with the film, which will include his rap alias Captain Murphy. Kuso will include new music from Aphex Twin, Thundercat, and Akira Yamaoka, the composer behind the Silent Hill video game series.