Check out the pizza box that becomes a pair of DJ decks

Pics 26/08/2016
Pizza Hut has launched the world's first fully working DJ turntables created entirely from one of their pizza boxes.
The playable platter allows hungry wannabe DJs to spin tunes while munching on a piping hot slice of the cheesy Italian delicacy.
Pizza craving turntablists can unfold the box to reveal a sleek design modelled on a classic DJ set up.
It features two decks, a cross-fader, pitch volumes, cue buttons and the ability to rewind music.
The playable DJ decks sync via Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone or laptop with pro DJ software such as Serato.
Kath Austin, from Pizza Hut, said: “Music and food is the ultimate combo - we know our customers love listening to their favourite tunes over a pizza and we’ve now given our collection customers the chance to combine and enjoy the two in the most innovative way.
“DJing is a huge passion for many of our guests so we thought it would be a great idea to give our pizza boxes a new lease of life by transforming them into real DJ decks for our customers to play and mix their own beats. "