Ecstasy over 5 times normal strength circulating in Ibiza has warnings issued.

Pics 10/08/2016
In recent times, a lack in regulation within the black market when it comes to illicit drugs, has lead to the circulation of some seriously dangerous goods making their way into circulation, sometimes closer to home than we thought.
Ibiza, one of the worlds most well known party destinations each year, has issued a warning after authorities confiscated ecstasy pills that were found to contain five times the “normal” dosage. The pills reportedly contained 400mg of MDMA, which could lead to some seriously dangerous levels of toxicity.
Spain’s National Police said in a statement:
“The National Police in Ibiza has arrested two individuals, a Senegalese man aged 35 and a 24-year-old Moroccan, accused of stealing £9,800 from a hotel safe.

“The individuals gained the confidence of the victim and whilst one distracted him, the other managed to get into the area where the safe was and took the money inside.

“Days afterwards when he was arrested, one of the men had £2,985 on him and drugs including 90 ecstasy tablets, 23.79 grams of cocaine, 3.4 grams of MDMA and 48 grams of liquid ecstasy.

“The really alarming thing about this case is that an ecstasy tablet normally has about 80 milligrams of MDMA and in this case, the 90 pills which imitated the logo of a well-known Ibiza party, had 400mg.

“This amount is around five times the normal dose and a single tablet can produce death.

“Other serious side-effects include heart attacks, epileptic attacks, cardiac arrhythmia, and seizures as well as hyperthermia where the body temperature rises about 39 degrees Celsius.”
It has been said to be weary of grey pills in the shape of the "Music On Ibiza" logo.