'Tramps Against Trump' will send you nudes if you vote for anyone but him

Pics 02/08/2016
Even though here in New Zealand we are quite far removed from the US election, it feels like the whole world is currently embroiled in what may be the most controversial election in US history.
Recently we came across a group of girls calling themselves 'Tramps Against Trump'. Essentially the groups creator Jessica Rabbit said that her reason for starting the movement was to stop misogynists getting into or keeping positions of power, particularly Trump.
As she explains, she doesn't care, and neither does anyone in the group, who you vote for, as long as it's not Trump, and that the political system in general has turned into a 'shitshow'.
For a pic from 'Tramps Against Trump', all you need to do is send photographic proof that you voted against the Republican runner and you'll get a picture back in return.
Because we can't vote, you can find a few censored images above encouraging you to join the movement.