New 'Super Ecstasy' in circulation in the UK/US has next level strength

Pics 06/09/2016
A new pill has begun circulating Europe, cut in the shape of a shield that is incredibly potent.
It's similar to a pill that was dangerously strong circulating Ibiza last month, although this time in a shield shape with the Tesla logo pressed into them.
Despite the new emblem of press (what will they think of next), these pills have been tested to be dangerously, if not fatally strong.
UK based non-profit organisation 'The Loop' got their hands on the orange ecstasy pills and after being tested by Zurich-based Safer Party, they can confirm the Tesla pills are dangerously high in MDMA.
The Loop took to social media to broadcast their warning for partygoers, revealing that each pill contains on average 240mg of MDMA, an amount which is more than twice the strength of what is considered a regular dose.
In terms of ecstasy and other social drugs, people continue to take them despite what the scientists, experts and governments say. 
This brings up the subject of pill testing again. Although in some areas of the US, UK and Australia (NSW still has a strict no pill testing policy) it has become accepted in rave and festival situations, it's still relatively frowned upon by officials and lawmakers. 
When testing like this is available it can only have a positive effect on people who were probably going to take the drug anyway and potential make them think again before harming themselves or others.