The Top 100 DJs in the world as voted by reddit

Pics 27/09/2016

If you didn't know, whatever you see on reddit pretty much appears everywhere else on the internet.

So when we went snooping around the cheaters guide to contenting websites highly popular media aggregation website, we found this little survey being flung around the /r/EDM subreddit. And it peaked our curiosity.

From a group of 572 people, the following names were crowned the Top 100 DJs in the world.

You might recognise some names, you probably will disagree with some, and most likely you'll probably Spotify or not so legally download their music.

But we're keen to hear what you have to say about the results. High on them? Low on them? Don't give two shits about them?

Hit us back in the comments below and maybe we'll crank into a little survey of our own (don't hold your breath though).

Pics: Getty Images, Facebook