This crazy fan tried to climb onto Kanye's floating stage

Pics 15/09/2016
Since Kanye's Saint Pablo tour kicked off, Kanye West’s floating stage act has left everyone pretty much astounded.
I mean in reflection it's a pretty simple concept, yet a concept that hasn't actually been done before or even pulled off.
The photos that have come from the concerts have been amazing, but things escalated this week when a mega fan thought it would be a good idea to try climb onto the stage while it was over top of him with Kanye performing his hit 'Stronger'
Watch below as he finds a way to grab onto the lofty stage, helped by fellow crazed fans so they can add the scenario to their Snapchat stories!
West quickly recognizes the fan climbing the stage, and screams out “Bro!” as he tells him to stop and quickly gives him the 'cut it' signal, but none of that was necessary — he wasn’t going to make it anyway and crashes back to the ground with the rest of the fans.
Good one bro....