Benny Boy just got rescued from the slopes of Ruapehu (we're not joking)

Pics 19/10/2016
You might've seen the story in the Herald about a man being rescued from Mt Ruapehu. Well... It was Benny Boy.
Apparently he was climbing up the southern slopes with a mate, so they could snowboard down, but looks like he didn't quite make it.
According to George FM Content Director, Willy McAllister, Benny's broken his tail bone. Ouch.
Benny was taken down from the a summit ridge by Alpine rescuers and the Mt Ruapehu ski patrol who managed to get him to a flatter area where he could be picked up by the rescue helicopter.
Benny's in hospital and doing well, but we can't wait for Thane to start cracking 'pain-in-the-ass' jokes.
Images / Greenlea Rescue Helicopter
Source / NZ Herald