Let's ask ourselves, is Daft Punk really announcing their 'Alive 2017' world tour?

Pics 07/10/2016
On Wednesday a website suddenly surfaced at www.alive2017.com, rekindling rumours that Daft Punk may be returning to the stage next year.
It matches with the titles of their earlier live albums Alive 1997 and Alive 2007, so you'd be safe to assume that this would make sense.
The website ostensibly reads “ALIVE” in large white letters on a black screen. Upon further examination, the page’s source code lists coordinates for cities which Daft Punk would likely visit during a tour. New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and, naturally, Indio (Coachella) all make the cut. Furthermore, a diminutive countdown timer within the “I” of “ALIVE” seems to be set to end on October 27. 
What do you reckon? Is this a go, or just an internet troll... guess we will all find out on October 27.