Faraj Fartass and 21 other unfortunate sports player's names

Breakfast 17/05/2017

There's a 20-year-old French rugby player, who looks to have a very promising career ahead of him.

And his name is Faraj Fartass. 

Imagine the commentators next World Cup: "Go Fartass! Go! Fartass ripping it across the field!"

So, if you think life's tough, just think of Fartass and all these other sports players with awkward names...

1. Yoshi Takeashita

2. Dick Felt

3. Danny Shittu

4. Destinee Hooker

5. Rusty Kuntz

6. Dean Windass

7. Kim Yoo Suck

8. Dick Trickle

9. Dick Sisler

10. Chubby Cox

11. Bernt Haas

12. Lucious Pussy

13. Ralf Minge

14. Ivana Mandic

15. Misty Hymen

16. Wang Liqin

17. Gaylord Silly

18. Dewanna Bonner

19. Steve Sharts

20. Dick Paradise

21. Andrei Arseshavin