PHOTOS: Bonobo Live in Auckland Town Hall

Pics 28/07/2017

Having watched Bonobo's North Borders tour live from Alexandra Palace a million times on YouTube (maybe not a million, but you get the gist), we were anticipating slow and dark build ups to high energy sounds pumping across the Auckland Town Hall.

And that was exactly what Bonobo did with a seven-piece band for his show here in Auckland.

The set list included a mixture of songs from his latest album Migration and some from his older albums which matched up perfectly. Songs Bonobo performed include 'Migrations', 'Kerala', 'Ontario', 'Recurring', 'Bambro', 'Cirrus', 'Kong' and 'We Could Forever'

Personally, I completely fell in love with Bonobo when I first heard The North Borders album. I began to discover his other albums, including his One Offs... Remixes & B-Sides which, IMO, is super underrated.

What really impresses me about Bonobo is that he is one of the very few DJs who does some shows with a band instead of just pressing buttons and say 'PUT YOUR HANDS UP'. I don't recall Bonobo saying that sentence at all last night either - I mean, you don't always have to put your hands up to party, am I right?

Matched with the most mesmerising and trippy 4k visuals, some of the audience would just stare into the visuals with awe while swaying to the heavy bass. Although, it could be lil' bit better if the bass wasn't extremely heavy that I could feel my heart drop and my ears ringing - we had to go to the back of the show so our ears won't bleed.

UK vocalist Szjerdene sang Grey Reverrend's part of 'First Fires' and Nick Murphy's collab 'No Reason' and she nailed it. In fact, she nailed every song she sang last night with her captivating gypsy-like dancing. I was right in front of her when she sang 'Break Apart', and instead of doing my job photographing the band performing, I couldn't help but to stand there, mesmerised and dazed by her.

Last night marks the end of Bonobo's Australasia tour and his next stop will be Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.

- Amber K

As for you guys who missed out last night, you can check out his live performance in Glasgow with a similar set list down below.