PHOTOS: Netsky in the Sky, Auckland (20/02/2018)

Pics 22/02/2019

As if we need to explain to you what happened (we've only been banging on about it for days now) - but just the other night, the one and only Netsky treated 120 lucky people with an intimate, exclusive, money-can't-buy tickets DJ set up the Sky Tower. 

And of course he crushed it!

Along with Heineken and The Sugar Club, we threw one of the most epic parties we've ever been to, with Netsky performing some brand new tracks and some classic bangers over his 60 minute set.

If you missed out on this event, don't worry, there's still heaps more chances to catch Netsky on his NZ Tour over the next couple weeks. 

Watch: Netsky posted a video of his Sky Tower DJ set, featuring Tammy Davis!