Photos: John Key's Daughter Strips Off For Photo Exhibition


He "planked" in support of his son, but Prime Minister John Key will probably shy away from starring in his daughter's latest efforts.

Mr Key's daughter Stephanie, who is studying at the Paris College of Art, will next month debut a series of provocative self-portraits at Paris Design Week.

The images include one of the 20-year-old covering her breasts with hamburgers and another with her body covered in pieces of sushi and octopus.

Britain's Sunday Times said Ms Key was "not exactly a chip off the old block".

Mr Key said he was very proud of his daughter's art. Mr Key said his daughter is completing her fine arts degree.

"The photographs were part of her curriculum work, and we are very proud of the work she is doing."

In 2011, Mr Key's son Max, then 15, brought attention to the family when a photo emerged of Max lying plank-like across the sofa in the prime ministerial residence.

A deadpan Mr Key stood stiff-backed in the background, performing what could only be described as a vertical plank.

The picture, some wags suggested, was responsible for killing the worldwide craze for planking, or lying face down your stomach across an unusual space and posting the image on the internet.

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