Video: Kiwi Johnny Danger scales the epic Tomorrowland main stage


Risking ejection from the 3 day annual event in Belgium, and certain death if he fell, Kiwi tourist Johnny "Danger" Bennet managed to not only scale the epic Tomorrowland main stage... but also do it unnoticed.  

Johnny says it took him a few minutes to get to the top but had to stop three quarters of the way as there was a worker 20m across from him, "I was lucky he didn't spot me". Upon reaching the summit of the elaborate staging Johnny said he was "...up there, for about 20 minutes. It was a pretty dodgy set-up. OSH would have had a field day" he joked. 

Please don't attempt anything like this, we don't want to lose any listeners! 

Johnny danger

Johnny danger 

Images: Johnny Bennet