George FM Nights Artist Showcase - Ammonation x Melodownz

George FM Nights 04/04/2017

Jay Bulletproof was joined by some of New Zealand's leading hip hop talent in the studio earlier this week; Ammonation's Raiza Biza and Nash and Third3ye Collective's Melodownz.

They all premiered their latest productions on George FM Nights, and discussed their work and processes.

We were particularly excited to have these boys in the studio, as AmmoNation dropped their EP last week.

The EP mixes influences from RnB, soul, hip hop and house.

Alongside outsourced producers such as Stuss (Sachi's 'Heavy Breathing' re-up winner) and Crimewave (a long time collaborator with Raiza Biza) Ammonation have produced an EP comprised of six tracks of pure fire.

Melodownz features in the remix of the leading single 'Forever.' Check out the video below, directed by Connor Pritchard (you may also recognise Pritchard's crisp videographer style from Baynk's latest single 'Poolside'). 

Jay also talked to Melodownz about the 'Butter Chiccen and Naan' troll tune he produced for the Grow Room Exhibition last week. The track has since blown up on George, with listeners frantically messaging us where they can find the beat every time it gets a spin . 

On his inspiration for the tune, Melodownz said: "Straight up, went to Lynn Mall one day, I was hungry, got me a standard butter chicken and naan bread, the $15.00 combo. Got home and LSJ had sent me a couple beats. I was going through them and just for fun I was like 'baaaada baaada daaa butter chicken,' then I was like oh, I should lay this down real quick."

"I just did it for fun and now people are like 'wooow, that butter chicken song..'"

"It showed me sometimes as a writer you know, you think really deep, you want to get real lyrical.. Sometimes you just need to take step back, be simple with it and just have fun with it."  

He's not wrong, cause we fucking love it.

Listen to the highlights from the Ammonation take over show up top.