Listeners share what they think a uniquely NZ event would be like without Maori culture

Breakfast 25/01/2018

The last couple of days on the show have been Hosking central over here at George FM Breakfast, weighing in on how he thinks the Maori language is not important.

Shit gets heated after Kara hears what Mike Hosking has to say about saving Te Reo

As part of our Kara responds to comments on yesterday's Mike Hosking 'saving Te Reo' chat, Kara put it out there that if the language dies, the culture does as well:

The heart of a culture is the language. If we eradicate the language, we essentially are letting the culture die as well.

Kara went on to joke, what would a uniquely New Zealand event look like if there was no Maori culture involved.

Today we put the question out to you lot - and shit it did not disappoint: