It's about time we start pronouncing rugby players names right

Breakfast 31/05/2018

New Zealand Rugby (NZR) has launched a new initiative focused on players' names being pronounced properly.

Their series of social media videos gives fans a clear guide on what's right and what isn't.

The man, Piri Weepu, one of rugby's most familiar faces, has decided to front the campaign along with other players with names from several differnt cultures, because even his name is hard for a lot of people to pronounce.

The new campaign is called 'Say My Name', in which players are asking fans to try a little harder.

NZR says it's about thinking before speaking.

It's a measure and a sign of respect to one another that you stop and think, and maybe ask somebody about how their name is pronounced if it is difficult,

The videos aren't just aimed at fans, but also commentators - often Australian ones - who are serial offenders for mispronunciation.

From Tamanivalu to Tahuriorangi, some of the names in rugby can be pretty tough, but NZR says it doesn't matter if you get it wrong - just make a genuine effort.

Here's the video to have a LOL over. Just remember, it's all about TRYING.