Kara calls out the bacon company whose ad campaign was really bad taste...

Breakfast 29/06/2018

An ad for bacon has been taken down after it appeared to make fun of a romantic relationship with an illegally large age gap. Wow.

The ad for Premier Beehive Bacon is part of the company's "Wake up and smell the bacon" campaign, which the agency said was designed to be ironic - similar to the Tui 'yeah right' billboards.

Bacon doesn't try to be anything it isn't, it's not politically correct, but it is irresistibly honest, We wanted to take this thought of being irresistibly honest and get it across in a way that would get Kiwis talking.

Well, they really missed the mark. Here's the ad in question.

This is so wrong!

All it would've taken was the age to be 16, then at least it would have been LEGAL...

Kara weighs in on the controversy and has a theory on how the ad even managed to fall through the cracks...