The new Bond film is looking for a Maori to play henchman role, and Tammy reckons he's the man to do it

Breakfast 23/07/2018

The next instalment in the James Bond franchise have announced they are looking for a Maori actor to play one of the roles.

The role is that of a henchman to a Russian villain, and we think we have got just the guy for the gig.... Tammy Davis, of course. 

The casting call was released but an unofficial Bond fan site - stating that producer's are apparently looking for a Russian male villain, a Russian female, and a Māori henchman.

The actor must be between the ages of 35-55 years old and have "advanced physical, fighting and stage combat skills" - Yeah, definitely up Tammy's ally.

The filming starts in December.... So we're going to make Tammy audition.