So, there's a dating website catered to married people wanting to have affairs and we're like WTF

Breakfast 10/07/2018

Plenty of people cheat, whether it's your friends or yourself who have fallen victim (or been guilty of it), it's super fucking common.

Ashley Madison is a dating website designed for married people to seek out affairs and other inapropriate relationships, and on average they recieve 15,000 new members everyday.

On a recent poll conducted by the site, 61% of the site users are in it for more "satisfying sex", 44% were seeking more affection, and 30% were just "chasing butterflies".

While most believe sex is the major motivator for marital affairs, some believe it's as simple as just just being attracted to someone else.

We can't figure out whether this website was the worst idea ever... or the best?

Whatever it is, just don't sign up.