Andrew Little weighs in on the debate, what's NZ doing to keep festival goers safe

Breakfast 19/09/2018

We can all recognise there's a real issue with drugs being taken at festivals, especially with the recent news of both deaths at Australia's Defqon.1 festival, and Ohio's Lost Lands festival (read more here).

We've ignited the conversation and want to know what exactly NZ is doing to try and combat such an issue, and when we're going to to be able to introduce something like drug testing tents at festivals here.

Labour MP and Minister of Justice, for Courts, and Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Andrew Little, spoke to us about the changes the government are trying to make in order to keep all of us safe.

With an ever growing issue with synthetic cannabis especially, the government are wanting to take action against drugs and in the most logical way possible.

Forget what the current law is, tell us what we need to do to keep the people safe.


He also explained that the government is very aware that introducing initiatives such as drug testing tents will help not only educate those taking drugs, but also to, bottom line, keep people safe.

"As Mr. Peters said, we have to deal with this as a matter of urgency... We've got to work out now, what we've go to do," as the last thing anyone wants is another family to go through what those families in Australia and Ohio did.

It's great to see our government listening!