Tammy gives his opinion on the Head Hunters new recruitment video

Breakfast 09/11/2018

The notorious Head Hunters MC has drawn controversy after using children to promote the gang lifestyle in a new video.

The video, posted to YouTube and Facebook, is the first release by Outsiders Films, which says it "produces short films focusing on the cultures and communities that sit outside of the New Zealand mainstream".

The footage shows patch-clad members showing off their bike skills by pulling burnouts and wheelies. Then a large group tears through Auckland's tunnels and along the motorway, throwing gang signs as they go.

Another shot shows off the family side of the gang, with young children of gang members wearing gang colours and pulling gang signs.

The video is believed to be part of a recruitment drive to attract younger people to the Head Hunters, which is heavily connected to the methamphetamine trade.

Tammy's not really about it and explains how he just doesn't see gang life as a viable path for many. He's had his share of close calls.

Sourced from Newshub.