To celebrate Peking Duk's new track 'Sugar', we made the intern dress up like a duck and hand out ice creams

Breakfast 22/01/2019

Welcome to radio, Isaac.

The general rule of thumb in radio is, whenever there's fresh meat, we welcome them to the team by making them complete a series of embarrassing initiations and stunts.

Earlier in the week Tammy tried to teach him how hustle free shit (with no luck):

And when Peking Duk dropped their new banger tune 'Sugar' on George last Friday, Kara, Stu and Tammy thought it only be right to celebrate the event by dressing the intern up in a duck costume, and make him hand out some sugary treats in the form of ice creams to punters on Ponsonby Rd on their way to work.

What do you reckon, we keep him around or nah?

Watch Peking Duk's video for Sugar, which was partially shot while performing at Bay Dreams earlier this year.