April Fools: Clarke Gayford returns to host George FM Breakfast

George FM Breakfast 01/04/2019

APRIL FOOLS! Kara, Stu and Tammy are here to stay, but you can catch Clarke on his new TV show Fish of the Day, Sundays at 5.30pm on Three.

George FM is stoked to welcome back former Breakfast host Clarke Gayford for The All New-ish George Breakfast with Clarke Gayford. It’s the first man, first thing!

Existing George Breakfast show Kara, Stu and Tammy have just completed their one year contract, and the team will be moving onto other opportunities.

“Tammy who?,” laughs Gayford, “Ha but seriously, I can’t wait to take a break from the tuna and get back into the tunes at George.”

With Gayford’s new TV show Fish Of The Day set to premiere this Sunday on Three, fishing fans will be ‘losing it’ to learn the new Breakfast show will feature at least 10% fishing based content every week, as demanded by Gayford in his contract.

“Getting back with an ex is always a good idea right?” George FM Content Director Dean Campbell laughs nervously.

The All New-ish George Breakfast with Clarke Gayford, started today and runs 6-10am weekdays.

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