George listeners share their condom horror stories

George FM Breakfast 30/04/2019

After reading about a poor British lad who had a condom mailed to him by a friend's parents after they found it in their bathroom, George FM Breakfast took calls to hear a few horror stories from listeners.

Angus, an 18-year-old from the UK left a pair of condoms in the bin after doing the deed in a friend's bathroom at a house party. The friend's parents unfortunately found the condoms he had binned.

If it couldn't get any worse, they mailed the things back to Angus, complete with a letter that read "Great News! Angus got his end away last night alongside our filthy toilet pan."

"He left the enclosed behind, we thought we better return them. Cheers!"

"I read it and immediately know what it is... they have only gone and sent me back my bloody condoms," Angus told LADBible.

"I quickly took the envelope from him and looked inside, there was another smaller envelope inside and sure enough inside that were two rubbers."