Crowd-fearing Tiny Festival attendee Cain delivers heartwarming message

Breakfast 27/05/2019

With the inaugural edition of Tammy's Tiny Festival taking place last week, lone attendee Cain stopped by George FM Drive to open up about his experience.

Cain struggles with anxiety and has trouble dealing with large crowds of people, so Tammy's Tiny Festival - with just one ticket available - was a perfect fit.

"Honestly, from my heart, I wouldn't have gone to any festivals. I wouldn't have ever been able to see you guys, ever, so to be able to have this chance and come and see the acts and the people I love and have an actual yarn to them," Cain told General Lee and Sin on George FM Drive after the festival.

This is a next-level thing and I hope it carries on for many years and many others like me can experience how amazing this is. 

Catch his full heartwarming message above.