General Lee violently spewed in his car after a big night on the beers mate

George FM Breakfast 21/07/2020

She was a big weekend on the beer mate...

She was a big weekend in the Tron for General Lee and the George crew, having a massive Saturday at The Factory (aka the Outback Inn) playing to a packed crowd alongside DJ Sir-vere, local act TwoFold and the infamous George FM Ticket Cricket (the went back to back, bleshgooo).

But the next day.....Genny wasn't feeling the sharpest. He only had "8 beers" or so....but had to get up during the night for a 3am vom. Nice.

Driving back to Auckland, just passing through Mercer, it struck him again....and this time, he barely had time to pull over, let alone get out of his car....and then shit got nasty.

Listen to the yarn above. Also, if you're in the market for a second-hand Mercedes - slide into General's DMs.