LISTEN: Viral Kiwi 19th century sea shanty gets dance remix

music news 18/01/2021

A headline we never thought we'd write...

If you've been on TikTok recently, you may have seen a bit of an old school trend taking over the platform. Old as in a couple hundred years old.

Sea shantys have seen a massive resurgence on the app, with the most popular being 19th century ballad 'Wellerman' - which believe it or not is a New Zealand song about whaling, creator unknown.

A performance of the track by Scottish singer Nathan Evans appears to have kicked off the song's popularity, with his video currently sitting with just over 69 million views at the time of publishing. Nice.

After plenty of memes and remakes, UK producer 220 Kid has released a dance remix of the 'Wellerman' tune and it low key slaps.

Give it a listen below and keep an eye out for an official release soon!