'Are you still employing him?' Taika Waitit roasts Tammy

George FM Breakfast 23/06/2022

After three years of sliding into his DMs, Tammy finally managed to get his 'good mate' Taika Waititi on the show.

Before they could even ask about Taika's new move, Thor Love and Thunder, the director and actor ripped into Tammy.

'Tammy, how are you pulling off still having this job?' Taika joked.

Speaking of his latest film, Tammy asked how it is that Korg has now become one of main stars of the Marvel movie.

'Why are you surprised that I've put even more of myself into my movies?'.

Taika Waititi went on to say he's bringing two new shows back to NZ to work on later this year, season 2 of 'Our Flag Means Death' and a new movie adaptation with Jemaine Clement.

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