We can't decide if these are the absolute worst or best pickup lines we've ever heard

George FM Breakfast 04/08/2022

'you're a 9 of of 10, and I'm the 1 you need'.

We've all got a list of pickup lines we've either used or been told but which is the best one? 

This morning, George Breakfast's Lee and Tammy put the call out for listeners to share thier pickup lines and after hearing all of them, we still can't decide if they're the best or the absolute worst.

'Are you a wrench because everytime you're around, my nuts tighten' being one of the standouts.

To make things extra risky,  aswell as reading out texts, the boys also took callers live which thinking back on it, really wasn't the best move.

For example, Tammy got called out with "Tammy, do you work at Subway?, because you're giving me a footlong, brother."

Watch the full video above.