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A vet for over 25 years, Alex runs two his clinics in central Auckland.

He always wanted to be a vet and even remembers trying to save a road killed possum when he was 3.

Unfortunately, that was one of the few that didn’t make it under his expert care.

Alex is both a cat and dog person which, on the one hand makes him a bit of a fence sitter in any which-pet- is-better debates, but on the other hand obviously makes him perfect vet material.

And he clearly loves his job ‘cos he’s got no problem taking work home either, where Prince, his fantastic Black Brussels Griffon (who loves stand up paddle boarding with Alex) and Vegas, his stunning Burmese cat keep him, his wife and four-year- old boy pretty busy.

Alex sees having pets as an integral part of a community. In his view they don’t take anything but add everything.

Which is why, he reckons, he’s the luckiest man in the world being able to save an animal’s life and seeing it stop suffering.

Studied 5 years BVSc in Massey Palmerston North (no repeat years you will notice) Choose to head into companion animal medicine and surgery Worked in UK for a few years at some massive hospitals gaining techniques and speed, Three min consults at peak times! Took on a ton of surgical challenges as have a pretty steady hand (“unfortunately I shoot with this one”)

A lot of collaboration in treating cases and swapping knowledge with vets from all over the world.

Came back to Mount Maunganui for the surf lifestyle Then decided he wanted to do his own clinic so headed back to where he grew up in Auckland Built Grey Lynn 12 years back and opened a clinic in partnership with Unitec Vet Nursing school 18 months ago, And took on the practical teaching of nearly 100 vet nurse students , Just working on continuing to develop both clinics into the best around, for pets and their servants alike.

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