Sin & Brook think Fred Again is a new pioneer of dance music after watching his Boiler Room set

George FM Drive 02/08/2022

This boiler room is going down in history.

Fred Again recently made his Boiler Room debut in London and he killed it! Dance music history has been made and we just have to talk about it…

Fred Again has been in the music scene for a while and has a huge discography dating back to 2014. He has songwriting/production credits in huge pop hits such as After the Afterparty, Breathe, Shotgun and he even worked on Ed Sheeran's latest album No. 6 Collaborations Project. 

Brook was lucky enough to be able to chat to Fred Again at the early stages of his solo career when he released his album ‘Actual Life’ which you can check it out here.

His recent boiler room set had massive hype surrounding it, Brook reckons that no other boiler room has had this much build-up.

“I think it was such high anticipation because there was little snippets of the boiler room popping up a week, two weeks prior and with, you know, like unreleased tracks, but just little hooks of them and so I think this was even it was such an amazing boiler room, but I think there hasn't been a boiler room with as much hype prior to it totally.”

We’ve seen music legends such as Flume and Skrillex but could Fred Again be taking house music to the future? We think so!

When discussing the boiler set Sin commented,

It's like an hour, just over an hour of, like, pure energy and euphoria and emotion. And I just it's got me thinking, like, I don't know if we truly understand the magnitude of what we're experiencing right now in dance music.

Check out Sin and Brook’s reaction to Fred Again’s Boiler room in the video above! Haven't watched the original Boiler room yet? Check it out here.

You can check out Sin and Brook's full reaction to Fred Again in their podcast down below.