Skrillex opens up about why he wants to take a break from live shows

interview 28/09/2018

One of the biggest names in EDM literally just waltzed on in to the studio last night... And it wasn't the first time!

Skrillex gate crashed the George Nights show last night and left Sin fangirling so hard. He's currently in the country for Listen In festival, and payed George a visit since he recognised us from coming here (and surprising us) about 3 years ago. 

The guy was literally just having a coffee across the road... Insane.

He opens up about wanting to put the breaks on on live shows, and how he's only booked himself 20 shows next year in an effort to slow down.

He's just celebrated turning 30 and to be honest, hes probably only just getting started.

Check out the full interview here!

If you didn't already love Skrillex before, you'll be obsessed with him after this.

His mix is coming very soon.