Muriwai shark attack mocked by Comedy Central


Comedian Anthony Jeselnik on the American television channel Comedy Central has disgustingly poked fun at the tragic shark attack on West Auckland’s Muriwai Beach.

Adam Strange died after being attacked by a bronze whaler and Great White shark two weeks ago.

On his show The Jeselnik Offensive, Anthony Jeselnik said he can't contain his excitement about the tragedy and was all smiles.

"Last week, a man in New Zealand was attacked by a 14 foot Great White shark. Was he killed? You bet your sweet ass he was killed - and he had a family and everything!"

Jeselnik proceed with a “shark party” which involved upbeat dancing and a man dressed as a surfer with a fake shark bite in his side to celebrate the man’s death.

Watchers have taken to the video’s page on YouTube to post their thoughts.